The foundation of the home.

Kitchen countertops:

Enhance every day.

More time is spent in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home. Parents work, children study, and families eat here every day. With such an important location in our lives, it is crucial to have a strong, low-maintenance surface in place that not only withstands, but enhances, the daily activities of our lives.

Whether cleaning up spills, cutting fresh vegetables, or laying down a hot cookie tray, World Stone countertops are the definitive choice for the busy home. Our full-size slab collection provides the opportunity to see, feel, and choose the exact stone that will become the centerpiece of your kitchen. So, whether you prefer the stunning natural character of granite or the elegant enhanced design of quartz, our team will help ensure your countertop becomes the important addition its meant to be.

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Spotlight on Granite

Granite has become a landmark option for kitchen countertops due to its hard structure and natural beauty. Granite kitchen countertops have a wide thermal capacity for temperature changes, so you can often place hot pans directly on the surface when it’s time for dinner! Its molecular structure prevents scratching, too, so there is no need to worry about cutting fruits and vegetables directly on the counter. Though its natural origin requires regular cleaning to prevent staining, this is a sturdy, reliable option for every kitchen surface.

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Transform your kitchen today

Spotlight on Quartz

We call quartz the hallmark of the modern home because its wide variety and perfectly engineered design make it the most widely applicable surface solution available today. The product’s enhanced features have produced a unique, non-porous material able to withstand stains, blemishes, and bacteria sometimes found in other products. While they lack the heat protection and anti-scratch hardness of granite, quartz kitchen countertops are no-maintenance, multi-use surfaces with germ protections and clean-up solutions carefully developed for the busy home.

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See for yourself.

Spotlight on Marble

Marble kitchen countertops are pieces of art, designed to add a timeless, elegant feel to every aspect of the home they rest in. The product’s softness demands a higher level of care than other countertop options, but its richness and quality are simply unmatched by any other stone solution.

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Every stone has a story.

The countertops World Stone curates and installs each have their own unique story to tell. Humanity itself has grown in their presence. Grand civilizations have formed and collapsed on their surfaces. Their veins mark the generations of change and rebirth that have been endured. And now, in their new home, children will play, adults will work, and bonds will be formed at the tables they rest on.

You will write the next chapter of this stone’s story, and we are honored to help you get started.