Quartzite countertops:

Popular. Stunning. Misunderstood.

Although still a small share of the countertop market, quartzite is quickly becoming a popular option as a stunning, natural surface solution. It is also the most misunderstood stone available today, as industry members have historically confused true quartzite with other inferior materials.

Quartzite countertops are similar to granite, for both are immaculate products sourced from nature. True quartzite, although very expensive, is very durable and will better prevent surface etching over time. Every slab is unique, and its phenomenal look, authentic patterns, and impeccable polish provide an unparalleled countertop option.

Quartzite care is similar to granite as well, with very little maintenance and timeless quality. Its natural origins offer a slightly wider range of color options than granite, especially on the lighter end.

Don’t be fooled by the name—quartzite is nature at its best, offering the highest quality product to enhance your home for all time.

Need New Countertops?

Every stone has a story.

Every countertop World Stone curates and installs has its own unique story to tell. Humanity itself has grown in its presence. Grand civilizations have formed and collapsed on its surface. Its veins mark the generations of change it has endured. And now, in its new home, children will play, adults will work, good times will be shared, and bonds will be formed at the table it rests on.

You will write the next chapter of this stone’s story, and we are honored to help you get started.

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