Marble and granite fireplaces:

The heart of the home.

The fireplace is an important, but sometimes overlooked, component of the home. It is a source of warmth and a gathering place for friends and family, but too often it is presented in a bland and ineffective manner.

Adding a granite hearth, for example, can transform your fireplace into an impactful centerpiece of the home. Stone fireplaces add a sense of elegance and grandiosity to every home, providing both superior fire safety features and magnificent beauty.

Whether a granite, quartzite, or marble fireplace, World Stone will work with your custom fireplace to ensure a unique, beautiful product.

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Every stone has a story.

Every Granite, Marble and Quartz countertop World Stone curates and installs has its own unique story to tell. Humanity itself has grown in its presence. Grand civilizations have formed and collapsed on its surface. Its veins mark the generations of change it has endured. And now, in its new home, children will play, adults will work, good times will be shared, and bonds will be formed at the table it rests on.

You will write the next chapter of this stone’s story, and we are honored to help you get started

Let’s enhance your fireplace today.