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Quartz countertops:

Born in nature, perfected by man.

Every great achievement throughout history has shared a common thread: a relentless commitment to enhancement and refinement. Cell phones have become smartphones. Gas engines have become batteries. And in kitchens and bathrooms across the globe, countertops have become quartz.

Engineers have built upon the success of natural stone countertops to create stunningly refined quartz surfaces. Sourced directly from natural quartz, one of the hardest materials known to man, these countertops incorporate small amounts of resins and polymers to create the most durable and consistent home solution in history.

It is no mystery why quartz countertops have quickly become the hallmark of the modern home.

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Quartz countertops have transformed the surface care experience. The product’s enhanced design has produced a unique, non-porous material able to withstand stains, blemishes, and bacteria sometimes found in other products. These are no-maintenance, multi-use countertops with germ protections and clean-up solutions carefully developed for the busy home.

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The quartz production process offers immense control over design and supply, resulting in a wide variety of beautiful quartz surfaces at affordable countertop prices. World Stone is proud to be Southeast Michigan’s largest quartz supplier, offering over 500 quartz color options. Our curated collection is stocked entirely with full-size quartz slabs, providing homeowners with the unique opportunity to view and select the exact stone that will be engineered for their home.

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While granite’s wholly-natural origin serves its beauty immensely, it also generates the unique, varying patterns inherent to all natural objects. The refinement process of our modern quartz countertops quite literally perfects the countertop design, producing a clear, consistent pattern to be displayed throughout the home.

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By integrating our curated slab collection and advanced fabrication technology, World Stone is one of the only manufacturers in Southeast Michigan specifically equipped as a one-stop solution for beautifying your home with custom quartz countertops.

Whether a small bathroom vanity or a complete kitchen remodel, we will work with you to find the best quartz surface for your home. With over 25 thousand countertops installed over two decades, there is nowhere more trusted to provide superior quality, variety, and prices.