Soapstone countertops:

Regularly transformed, continually timeless.

Unlike other countertop solutions, soapstone gives homeowners true control over its surface. Its distinct, timeless appearance will enhance every home it rests in, and it can be worked with over time to adjust to every kitchen or bathroom.

Using a food-grade mineral oil, homeowners have the unique opportunity to change their stone’s patina and create a desired luster customized for their home. If that is not the desired look, however, soapstone can be left unfinished and still provide an outstanding surface solution.

This is the beauty of soapstone. Oil it every few months, every few years, or never. It’s completely up to you. Its structure makes cooking and cleaning easy, too, as it has become the preferred countertop of chefs across the globe. Though it will scratch and fade over time, its characteristic transformative behavior allows for regular enhancement.

Soapstone countertops cost about the same as quartz, though its definitive uniqueness is priceless. Caring for them will take time, but soapstone’s unmatched ability to be perfectly tuned to its surroundings makes all the effort worth it.

Need New Countertops?

Every stone has a story.

Every countertop World Stone curates and installs has its own unique story to tell. Humanity itself has grown in its presence. Grand civilizations have formed and collapsed on its surface. Its veins mark the generations of change it has endured. And now, in its new home, children will play, adults will work, good times will be shared, and bonds will be formed at the table it rests on.

You will write the next chapter of this stone’s story, and we are honored to help you get started.

Let’s begin the journey to transform your home.